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Why casting may be right for your project

  • Cost-effective

    Eliminate the expensive tooling costs. Casting is low-cost method for low volume, production-quality parts.

  • Custom Color

    Add color for a more powerful look. Specify your custom color for precise color matching.

  • Design Flexibility

    Be able to show high level detail. Work with complex geometry, small features, undercuts or reverse draft.

Urethane & Silicone Casting

Casting is a manufacturing process used for creating exact replicas of an original object. Utilizing a two-part liquid urethane or silicone system, the liquid material is injected into a mold cavity and placed into a pressurized tank, yielding an air-free, solid component. The casting process can support small and large parts, forming precise details in each. Choose from a wide range of materials to produce flexible, rigid, colored or transparent parts.

Physical Properties

High tear strength

High impact strength

High heat deflection

Flame retardant

Durometers from Shore A 10 to Shore D 80


Choose from a variety of casting methods to complete your project:

  • 3D-printed mold

  • CNC machined mold

  • Silicone mold

  • Overmolding

  • Two-shot mold

  • Poured fixtures

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